Bahia Bencheikh el Fegoun, Algerian director of Us, Outside

"Why accept to be nothing more than mindless mannequins?"

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Algerian directors Bahia Bencheikh el Fegoun and Meriem Achour Bouakkaz' documentary Us, Outside follows 23-year-old Manel who has been wearing the veil for two years. Today, she is about to change her life and take it off, as she finds it increasingly oppressive. Manel seeks answers within a society that struggles to accept the concepts of freedom and respect. Along her journey, she meets other women -- some her age, some from different generations -- with whom she shares her doubts and experiences, collecting their stories along the way.

Euromed Audiovisual caught up with Bahia Bencheikh el Fegoun when she screened the documentary at the Brussels Millenium Documentary Film Festival in April.

“The heart of the film questions what we, women, experience, when we go out, hence the title Us, Outside -- once we are in the public sphere.”

“Deep down, whether it was Meriem or me, there was this anger against women. [...] Why accept to be nothing more than mindless mannequins who don't think and accept the model that is suggested to them?"

“I learned the job at DOCmed.”

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